Previously unseen aerial images to enhance your property or establishment


Drones have become innovative communication solutions. It gives the obvious advantage of being able to locate a property or an establishment in its environment.

This original approach will attract attention and increase the visibility of your property, restaurant or hotel.

It’s an original and win-win way to feed social networks. About 60% of the time people spend on social networks is spent watching videos.

Our tastefully produced videos will surprise and inspire your future customers by giving them an overview of their future real estate project or next booking in your establishments.


Our services include:

– An appointment to organise  the upcoming session

– Shooting

– Image and video processing 

– Video editing

– Delivery via Dropbox or Wetransfer 

– Travel expenses

Aerial photos: 

8,900 THB for 20 aerial photos.

Night photo option: 3,900 THB.

If you are a private customer:

 VILLA: 13,900 THB for an aerial video of about 2 minutes.

If you are a business customer:


Package of 5 aerial videos of about 1 minute 30 seconds.

49,000 THB, i.e. 9,800 THB/Villa

RESTAURANTS: 19,500 THB for an aerial video of about 2 minutes.

HOTELS: 24,500 THB for an aerial video of about 2 minutes 30 seconds.


– Indoor shots: 3,900 THB

– Night shots: 3,900 THB

– Promotional video of about 30 seconds        

  for your social networks: 3,900 THB


– For all other activities: water

  sports, travel agencies, 

  various businesses, events, etc.